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Developer Story

My background:

My first computer was an Enterprise 128, a present from my parents when I was a child. I wrote some short codes, but those days I was only interested in playing games. And the music. And how beautiful it can sound on a good system, so I definitely wanted to build amplifiers. That’s how I became an electrical technician.

But the Hi-Fi industry at home didn’t really pound, so I worked as a cell phone technician. Then the Internet also appeared at my country…

The beginnings:

As soon as the first website loaded with the first modem-dial-up connection in a matter of minutes, I immediately thought I want to do the same! Then I learned HTML and FLASH programming, latter was a big word at the time. I made quite a few web pages and I was very proud. 🙂

The next step:

Then static websites were not enough. Customers wanted interaction, online orderings, database-based sites. I had to immerse myself into the world of the backend programming, that’s when PHP and MySql came along.

With the help of these, more serious works has already been done:

  • online ordering systems
  • self developed webshop software
  • commission accounting system

I did all this in a side-position. Then I thought

It’s time to work full time in my “new profession”.

I learned even more. Newer frontend technologies came: ExtJs, Jquery, KendoUI. They were made then:

  • contract generator modules
  • CRM system
  • vehicle remote monitoring systems
  • process controller, business intelligence management application
  • customer portals

Home Office came in 2012!

I have been working from home ever since. I really like it, because the most useless thing in the world is to sit in a traffic jam, spend time with travel to workplace, when the same time can be spent usefully. Especially in this business nothing binds people to place. Communication can be solved with Hangouts, Skype, Synology, source code management with GIT, SVN, project management with Redmine, Jira. Just a few examples.

And the same time JAVA came:

At my company at the time, the question arose: we should code in JAVA, but we don’t have a JAVA programmer. Who wants to be a JAVA programmer? I said: I’ll be! And so it became. Thank God, I was able to learn JAVA programming with a colleague within a corporate framework. There was a time when I made some Android apps for version target 4 to 6.

Then I shifted more and more towards the backend programming. Elasticsearch and Riak also came into my knowledge stream and some kind of business intelligence coding made up the vast majority of my work.

2015, sole proprietorship:

Over the years, I have made so many acquaintances that the idea came from several directions: we could work even flexible and better togethe if I was as an entrepreneur. I did it and i have been using taxation format named KATA. I usually work for two companies in parallel, usually for years. Through my clients to the following companies:

  • BroadBit Hungary
  • Nébih
  • NN biztosító
  • EDLI ( Euro Disneyland Imagineering )
  • PPKE
  • G4S Security

The task types are mostly:

  • data migration and processing, data import-export between different platforms (Alfresco, SQL Server, XML)
  • document management
  • process control
  • RestFul service and client based communication
  • SOAP communication
  • Microservice-based layering